Mark Palen Biography

Formal Education

International School of The Hague,  NL

Yokohama International School, Japan

Studied under Stelarc


Blair Academy, NJ

Art Prize 1979


Ithaca College, NY

School of Communications (Art & Film)



“My Favorite Vacation,” Nashville 1993

“Pop Paintings About Pop Songs,” Nashville 1994

“Palen Paints the Town,” Nashville 1994

“The Best of … ,” Nashville 1995

“Whatyouwant,” 3 artist show, Nashville 1996

“Artefids Gallery,” Lucerne, Switzerland 1996

“Serendipity,” Shelton Gallery, Nashville 1997

“Friends of Cheekwood Show,” Nashville 1998

“The Tornado Show,” Nashville 1998

Scarrett-Bennett Center, multi-artist show, Nashville 1999

“Revolver,” Palmer Place, Nashville, 2001

“Revolver,” Armstrong-Hopkins Center for the Arts, Blairstown, NJ 2001

"Revolver" West Hollywood , 2001

Bar 59 - Lucurne Switzerland 2003

Fumettelo Lucerne Switzerland 2004



International Country Music Festival, Zurich, Switzerland

Main Bahnhof, Zug, Switzerland

Skyline of Nashville, Second Avenue, Nashville

Hillsboro School, Franklin, TN

Restaurant Froschli,- Oftringen, Switzerland

Haus zum Raben Lucerne Switzerland

Import Flowers - Nashville

Morris Burner Hotel - Reno, Nevada



Palen developed his interest in art as a youth in Japan and Europe. After returning to the USA he incorporated his formal education with the influences of those continents. His early work was as an illustrator and freelance artist in the Northeast. Upon graduation, Palen moved to NYC and continued working in animation. Employment in promotion and advertising followed, where he refined his media art skills in design, production, and coordination of print and video projects. Upon moving to Nashville and a brief excursion into the corporate world, Palen made a full time commitment to fine art. Since then he has done shows, both here and in Europe. As a journalistic painter, he covered the handover ceremonies in Hong Kong, as well as the Montserrat volcanic eruption of 1997. His painting of the Nashville Tornado remains in the Tennessee State Museum’s permanent collection. He received an award from the American Printers Association for his 1998 calendar, “Here and There.”



Revolver, GrlsGrlsGrls, Art Deco, Bonsai, Bulbism, 20 Views of Breast Cancer


Currently working on TAHOE ROCKS 2021/2022